About Our Firm

Barilotti Wealth Strategies, LLC, is one of Philadelphia’s respected insurance and financial services firms, focused on individuals, families and businesses. Our firm is founded on building trust through strong family values and long lasting friendships. We pride ourselves on providing professional, objective guidance while offering personal attention. Our team works with you to help you grow and succeed, coordinating your financial plans so you can focus on your family and business.

We understand that creating an effective financial strategy can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, which is why we will help you navigate through the various financial planning and investment options to provide direction and ease to your financial decisions. We provide financing solutions that help you to acquire, diversify and leverage a wide range of assets, to provide you with short-term liquidity, or to facilitate other family needs such as estate planning.

We work with people who like to grow and succeed, and we can provide you with the information necessary to help attain your dreams. Not only do we seek to provide excellent advice, but we strive to instill you with confidence in your sense of direction for your future.

We believe in delivering exceptional guidance and value by focusing on two major things:

Professional Guidance

Personal Attention

Family is not a metaphor, it’s the way we do business. And we mean it. Just ask our right hand woman, Dina Barilotti, Christy Barilotti’s younger sister. We recognize that financial matters can be sensitive and even nerve-wrecking. That is why our 6 Step Wealth Management Process is designed to help us approach you as family, ensuring that we always consider the more personal circumstances of your situation while providing quality advice.